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United Outsourcing provides American Companies with University educated professionals in Thailand and the Philippines for approximately $875.00 per month or hourly rates starting at $5.75 per hour. Every company is different and requires a wide variety of professional experience and skill levels. Outsourcing Business Processing and Call Center Operations is smart business. The cost saving are tremendous for American Companies that have strong a currency and restrictive labor environments. United Outsourcing utilizes State of the Art Technology and communications equipment toincrease productivity. The total cost of hiring and
maintaining employees must be factored in to make a true comparison. After reviewing the list of what United Outsourcing provides, American Companies can realize substantial savings and increased productivity. The savings from payroll, infrastructure costs, employee benefits, legal holidays, sick days, potential ligation from employee law suits, hiring and firing employees, maternity leave, medical costs and technology can be used to boost profits and expand clients existing business. United Outsourcing maximizes client’s flexibility in a fast moving and challenging business environment.

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