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United Outsourcing Call Center Service for Small-to-Medium Sized  Business

United Outsourcing offers an All-in-One Call Center Solution. The Call Center Communication Service provides clear and stable Telephone Systems for Small and Medium Sized Business. United Outsourcing enables Companies to Outsource Communication requirements without adding expensive Technological Hardware. 

Advantage of using United Outsourcing Service

AOpen Source Availability
United Outsourcing provides extensible and stable servers which lower costs; downtime and connection instability will be carefully managed. As a result, you will have a quality Telephone System for maximum Communication Stability.

BHost Solutions

1. System Maintenance
United Outsourcing’s Technical Department will automatically Monitor and Identify problems in the Communication Systems.
-  RAID Drive Failure Notification
-  PBX Software Errors
-  Critical Services Failures
-  Disk Space Over Capacity
-  Successful Configuration File Backups

2. Software up-to-Date Management
Software updates will be sent to make your Companies System operate at optimal performance. System Maintenance will be processed only during low-load time. Software updates will always notify Companies before updates.

3. Remote Connection
Companies remote IP Phones will be easily installed and integrated with firewall protection to insure security and privacy.

4. Call Processing Data Computation
United Outsourcing offers Call Data Reports (CDR) which enables Companies to request Call Reports by hosted interface. This will reduce processing additional amounts of call records. The original call details will be kept in your system if needed for third-party reporting and processing.

5. Data Confidentiality Protection
In-Bound and Out-Bound Calls will be Firewall protected to maintain Privacy and Security.

C)  System Management from Internet-Connected Devices
United Outsourcing has simplified to access and manage access to any web browser from any part of the world. We mean it, including any internet-enabled device, and you can process communications to your mobile device.

1. Administrative
Administrators can manage systems for any connection device. It includes:

  • Manage Branch Offices
  • Build Call Menus and IVRs plus set up Auto-Attendants
  • Schedule Night Mode Hours and Holidays
  • Manage Extensions, Groups
  • Moves, Adds, changes, and Deletions (MACD)
  • Manage Queues and Agents
  • Run CDR and ACD reports
  • Listen to and Delete Call Recordings
  • Upload Voice Prompts and Music on Hold
  • Perform System Monitoring and Access Resources
  • Configure and View Alerts
  • Edit Dial Plans and Trunks       

2. User
User control panel will facilitate system users to configure their extension from anywhere. It includes:

  • Review Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Set Up Voicemail-to-Email
  • Listen to voice messages
  • Configure FindMe® and Boomerang® Mobile Integration
  • Run Call Reports
  • Enable Call Forwarding
  • View Company Directory

D)  Access Mobile Communication Devices
United Outsourcing allows Clients to connect from multiple mediums. 
Phone / PC

  • Integrated Inbox
  • Handsfree Calling from MS Outlook
  • FONcall Click to Dial from any Website
  • CRM Integration

Fixed / Mobile

  • FindMe
  • Hot Transfer from Mobile to Desk Phone
  • Record Calls on Mobile
  • Integrated Contact Management
  • Schedule-Based Forwarding

Voicemail, Email, and Chat

  • Integrated Secure Enterprise Chat
  • Click-to-Call, Email, Chat From a Single Interface
  • Universal Call/Chat/Email/Mobile Directory
  • Integrated Call/Chat Queuing and Reporting

Standard Program :
Suitable for small and growing Company, this program will provide your business with a stable Call Center.

Professional Program : 
Suitable for fast-paced growing business and enterprise, this flexible program will increase calling capabilities for your Company.

Call Center Program :
Suitable for Call Center Management, this ultimate program will facilitate your Call Center Management options to optimize your effective Telephoning System.

Service featuring

Call center
Unlimited Inbound Calling
Unlimited Outbound Calling
Dedicated Phone Number
Toll Free Numbers
Emergency 911
Phone Number Porting
Virtual Numbers
Paperless Fax

System featuring

Call center
Phone-Based Management      
Call Transfer      
Call Forwarding      
Do-Not-Disturb Option      
Caller / Call Waiting Number      
Click-to-Call Service (from Firefox Browsers)      
Night Mode      
Music on Hold      
Ring All      
Name directory      
Web Admin/User panel      
Powerful reporting      
Call Screening      
Conference Bridges      
Extension Groups      
Voicemail Groups
Advanced Call Forwarding
Call Return
Call Out
Report Exporting
Customer Caller-IDs
IVR Authentication
SMS/Pager Voicemail Notify
Upload Voice Prompts
Unlimited Call Queues
Full Featured A.C.D.
Skills-Based Routing
Graphical Queue Reports
Agent Call Recording
Agent Variable Log-Off
Agents on Cell Phones
Real-Time Queue Stats

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