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Internet Marketing includes SEO and additional online marketing tools you can use to gain the attention of potential customers and the search engines. Internet marketing ties together creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including strategy, design, development, advertising, and sale. With Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords advertising, you pay only when prospects click on the keywords when looking for your products or services. You pay for your ad only when the user clicks on it. Google, Yahoo Search Marketing and Rambler are currently the largest PPC providers.

E-mail marketing: This includes e-mails and online newsletters, is a form of permission-based, relationship marketing. Once people accept to receive periodic announcements about your products and service we help you build cost-effective e-mail campaigns.

Blog marketing: A blog is a regularly updated collection of content. First among them is that blogs provide an easy way to introduce fresh, relevant content to your site on a regular basis. Fresh content attracts more attention from the search engines therefore your site will likely have a higher ranking with a blog than without one.  United Outsourcing helps you develop a blogging strategy, integrating a blog into your website.

United Outsourcing helps maximize online visibility through quality promotion of your website. Websites have long ceased to be a provider of information, but a sales tool to promote products or services and create online customers.

United Outsourcing has unique and updated knowledge in the field of SEO. We aim to increase your business growth.  We follow proven processes and techniques so that your website reaches the target audience effectively. Our team of dedicated and professional SEO experts, promotional and marketing analyst understand your business objectives and design a tailor made solution which will provide you with maximum benefits. Sales growth is increased with a variety of solutions like site optimization, PPC campaigns, link building and social media optimization. Our scientific approach is quality driven.

Search engine optimization is a way of improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. Using search engines, visitors can find sites in a variety of ways: via paid-for advertisements in the search engine results pages (SERP’S), via third parties who are listed in the search engines, or via “organic” listings. SEO is primarily concerned with improving the visibility of a site in the organic search results.

May 2010 U.S. Core Search Rankings

Google Sites led the U.S. core search market in May with 63.7 percent of the searches conducted, followed by Yahoo! Sites (up 0.6 percentage points to 18.3 percent), and Microsoft Sites (up 0.3 percentage points to 12.1 percent). Both Yahoo! Sites and Microsoft Sites have experienced gains due in part to the continued utilization of contextual search approaches that tie content and related search results together. (For more detail on contextual searches, please read our recent post on the comScore Voices blog:

Ask Network captured 3.6 percent of the search market, followed by AOL LLC with 2.3 percent.

comScore Core Search Report*
May 2010 vs. April 2010
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore qSearch
Core Search Entity Share of Searches (%)
Apr-10 May-10 Point Change May-10 vs. Apr-10
Total Core Search 100.0% 100.0% N/A
Google Sites 64.4% 63.7% -0.7
Yahoo! Sites 17.7% 18.3% 0.6
Microsoft Sites 11.8% 12.1% 0.3
Ask Network 3.7% 3.6% -0.1
AOL LLC Network 2.4% 2.3% -0.1

* Based on the five major search engines including partner searches and cross-channel searches. Searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines are not included in the core search numbers.

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